Redtail Catfish Attacks Arowana.. Really Damaged the Arowana

Anyone want a 20″+ rtc…the Dick thought it was smart trying to swallow my arrow head first! Arrows alive just fucked up by the head.

Jodan Pana Eat it!

Phooj Lis If I raised it when young I would, cuz I use well water. But I got it from someone with city water xD

Blong Lauj Ahahaha. That why RTC should be fed mostly.every day lol

Blong Lauj I’ll take it back for 20

Phooj Lis I did. I fed it cut up carp. Everyday

Dennis Fick Again all RTC’s do is eat the fish we like. I’ve never owned an RTC. No plans either!

Rich Chee Thao Frreeee

Blong Lauj did you like just feed a piece?

Phooj Lis Chunks

Phooj Lis I still wanna keep them for my summer plans…

Phooj Lis Blong if you want it you can have out back for $20 xD…although it wad b/a >:/

Alan Kenji Vang where you locate?

Phooj Lis Wausau

Alan Kenji Vang how much you want for him? are you selling your arrow too?

Phooj Lis $20 for the cat. $100 for the arrow

Alan Kenji Vang you have pictures?

Lao Xiong Dude trade me

Lao Xiong Ill trade u the rocks for him

Phooj Lis I’ll give the both fish for your 120 xD

Alan Kenji Vang how much u want for the rtc? and what did you had him in?

Phooj Lis I’m my 90gal xD $20

Phooj Lis Btw Pic posted

Alan Kenji Vang yea i saw..but damn any chance youll be somewhere in the 920 area?

Phooj Lis Maybe going to the GB auction. But I want it gone asap

Phooj Lis I’ll trade for a Dicus xD

Phooj Lis I’m thinking about buying a kitty pool n throwing it in there

Alan Kenji Vang ill take it but wausau is to far

Alan Kenji Vang lol i have a tropical indoor pond

Phooj Lis Come pay ace a visit xD

Alan Kenji Vang i thought ace is a hardware store??

Phooj Lis Weston’s has an exotic fish department

Alan Kenji Vang oh but nah im good on ace, i can get all my fish for a better cheaper price

Lao Xiong Ace may sound like a joke but i was in ah when i got into fish

Alan Kenji Vang let me know when you coming to gb or anywhere in the 920 area i can meet up with u

Phooj Lis Alrite

Blong Lauj If I get it back. Then ima have to put my jardini in a different tank. Lol ill pass when tho I do want it back

Boon Vue How is a top predator doing what is was evolved to do a dick? No offense to any fellow Hmong fish keepers or anyone on here but what makes you guys think you are able to keep a catfish especially a RTC of that size with other fish that are seen as food…See More

Phooj Lis First of all I got the cat thinking its was smaller than my arrow. In my experience many people can keep both together peacefully, just as long as the arrow its bigger. What was I suppose to do? Bring the arrow with to see if it fit the cats mouth? Btw I can call my fish w/e I want n sell it w/e I want. Isn’t this what this page was for?

Boon Vue Even given if that RTC is the same size or even smaller than your Silver the bulkiness of a catfish makes the Arowana look puny. To each their own and call your fish whatever you want or do whatever you please with them. Yes, I’ve seen these two fish work together as well nor did I say they didn’t. This site is also for learning and what not, just thought I give my opinion on it.

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